Roommates are one of the most important parts of the living experience. If your child does not plan on moving in with someone they know we are expert at matching students with people of similar likes and interests.

Individual Leases

At the 700 on Washington we offer individual leases and the ability to sign a joint lease. Each resident gets their own lease, or we can place two people on the same lease if they are sharing a bedroom. The option to have an individual lease is great because your student doesn't have to worry about the hassle of collecting rent from roommates. The only rent your student will owe is what they signed for! 

*We do also offer double occupancy so for example (a 2x2 floorplan can have a total of 4 people occupying the unit). 


Move-in Day

When you get here we'll be ready for you.  We will have professional movers onsite to help you and your child move-in.