Don’t have an Average Valentine’s!

As February rolls around, love is in the air! Valentine’s day is the one day of the year where you can go above and beyond to show your love for that someone special. Year after year, this day seems to get more and more cliché. Ideas get old- a fancy dinner is just another dinner and a card is just like every other card. So, we are here to help you think outside of the box this year and bring a little life back into your surprise or gift!

‘You Da Bomb’

  • All you need for this is their favorite candy (that is round shaped), some red/pink construction paper and a black twisty tie. Also have some plain white paper and a pen for a label or note for when you are finished.
  • Stack the candy vertically
  • Wrap paper around candy and tape together
  • Tape off bottom so candy stays in the cylinder
  • Use black twisty tie for fuse or to hold ‘bombs’ together.
  • Use plain white paper to make label with personalized note

‘Donut You Know?’

This sweet treat of a valentine is the easiest (and maybe the cheesiest). It is good for starting your loved one’s day off right. We recommend leaving it on the counter or on their way out the door to help kick start their day with a corny smile.

  • But their favorite choice of donut holes
  • Package it out how you want (some people use bags and decorate them.
  • Leave them a note like the one pictured on the left. (personalize it how you wish).

‘Love Bugs’

For this gift, you will need plain plastic bags, valentine cards or paper, a pen, stapler, and your choice of bug shaped gummy candy. Some use a variety of sweet, sour and types of bugs.

  • Fill bag with choice of gummy bug candy
  • Staple bag with card or paper
  • Write a note on the valentine card or paper

We hope that this opened up your imagination to a fun and loving Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Thinking creatively can tough when you are in a rush with school, homework, work, and trying to keep up with everyone. That’s were us at The 700 are happy to be here and help!