Top 8 Cheap Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

8. Curtains:  You can purchase endless options of fabric online or at your local craft store; all you need are the length and width measurements!  Hint: If you hang curtains from your ceiling down to the floor, it’ll make any space feel bigger.

7. Lighting: Since you’ll be reading and studying most of the time in your room, lighting is very important.  Lighting can even have an effect on your mood and attitude.  Be sure to have at least 3 points of lighting in your room.  All it takes is a different lamp shade or a smaller lamp to create special feel for your room.  Craigslist, thrift stores, Good Will, your parent’s basement, or your grandparents’ attic should save you a ton of money and you’ll have a unique feel to your room for very low cost. 

6. Art Work:  Wall art, pots, and sculptures are a way to show off your interests and style.  DIY options are possible to save money and add a personal touch to each item displayed.  Placing fresh flowers in the pots you place can add a sweet aroma to the room, too!

5. Rugs: Customize any floor with a fluffy or colorful rug.  Rugs are an opportunity for you to add your own special touch to your bedroom.  Visitors will be telling you that the rug “really tied the room together” after visiting your lavish room.

4. Candles:  After a long day of work or while studying, a candle can help calm your nerves and refocus your energy.  Candles come in all sorts of scents, so it is possible to find the perfect one to relieve all of the stress from your day.  Finding a fun stand or holder can add to the authentic feel of your room.  Always make sure candles are allowed at your place of residence!

3. Personal Photos: Picture frames from a garage sale are a great way to show off all of those photos of you and your friends to add a homey feel to your room.  DIY options to display photos are all over the internet and are easy to do, too!

2. Throw Pillows:  Fun-sized pillows add a pop of color to any room.  Whether these pillows go on your bed or on your couch, you’ll be able to add a touch of your personality to the room.  These pillows can be purchased for a low price, but can always be made if you are feeling extra crafty.

1. Organization:  Fitting all of your essentials in a small space is possible (and cute!) with the help of organizational shelves.  Repurposing various materials to make these awesome organizational displays is a great way to save money.